Gynecology Services
• Treatment of Heavy Menstrual Periods
• PAP Smear Facility
• HPV vaccination
• Fibroid Treatment
• Ovarian Cyst Treatment

We give care from diagnosis of pregnancy to delivery of baby. Systemic antenatal care (pregnancy care). We follow NICE guidelines for care so can differentiate high risk cases. We give extra care for high-risk cases and also involve other specialty if needed. We give advice and support all through pregnancy and after delivery.

We have modern labour room with neonatal trolley for new born baby. We have modern operation theatre for caesarean section.

Post nataly (after baby delivery) we advice diet and exercise to reshape women body. We provide support for breast feeding and newborn care.

Counseling Services

We do counseling to couple before marriage (pre marital counseling). Couple suffering from infertility. Postnatal counseling.

Heavy bleeding (Menorragia)

Women suffering from heavy bleeding can have hormonal imbalance, Fibroid or endometrial hyperplasia or malignancy.